Garoga-Sincerity April 2018 Newsletter

Garoga-Sincerity Lodge Newsletter
April 2018

My Brothers,
Spring is here, according to the calendar at least, and things will be getting busy at Garoga-Sincerity Lodge #200 in the weeks and months ahead. We have an active trestle board planned for this spring and look forward to your presence and participation in as many events as you can make.

I also wanted to remind you all that our new and improved district website has be re-launched and is being updated with news items, photos, and stories regularly. The calendar in also updated regularly with events of the district and lodges. Please make it a habit to visit as often as possible and keep yourself updated and informed with all Garoga-Sincerity Lodge and OSY District news and information.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Apr 3rd – Regular Communication –@ 7:30 pm
Apr 17th – Fried Chicken Dinner @ 6pm followed by Regular Communication @7:30pm
Apr 21st – Roast Pork Dinner at the Lodge. 4:30 – ?. Help will be needed
Apr 22nd – Rehearsal for 3rd Degree at the Lodge @ 7pm
Apr 29th – Rehearsal for 3rd Degree at the Lodge @ 7pm
May 1st – 3rd Degree – Open at 5:30pm, dinner at 6:30pm, resume Degree @ 7:30pm
May 15th – Annual Communication and Election of Officers @ 7:30pm

Masonic Thought for the Month
“There is no doubt in my mind that Masonry is the cornerstone of America.” Brother Dave Thomas – Founder of Wendy’s International

I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Jed Brandow – Master 585-563-8307

From the Secretary’s Desk:
Sad tidings – We note the passing of Brother William C. Goodman on March 19th.

April Birthdays Bobby Dorgan (7th), Trevor Arnold and Todd Ruggles (8th), Jed Brandow (15th), Norman Schaefer (16th), Edward Minns (20th), Robert Lash and Robert Spink (26th), and Stephen Durso Sr. (28th).

April Raisings Robert Spink (21st,’59), John Bowles (11th,’63), John Davis (9th,’64), Douglas Nicot (6th,’65), Douglas Parmele (8th,’65), Milton Lum (22nd,’69), Kenneth Perry (21st,’71), Ramon Howard (16th,’74), James Frind (23rd, ‘80), Ernest Day (14th ‘83), Michael Klimeczko (17th ‘84), David Bruzee and Jerome Phillips (4th,’06), Daniel Biery, Stephen Durso Jr., and Benjamin Wheat (6th ’10).